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Moorish Castle in Burbank Asks $3 Million

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Six-bedroom home sits on a massive lot with exquisite views

Per the listing, this six-bedroom castle in Burbank was originally constructed in 1926 "by a railroad tycoon named Lovejoy," and that’s just the kind of vague-but-sort-of-plausible backstory a quirky home like this deserves. On an enormous lot that spans nearly 11 acres, the house is situated on a hill with excellent views of the city—and the local wildlife, as listing photos show. An airy living area features a large fireplace and elegant master staircase. Hardwood flooring runs throughout the home. The kitchen is endearingly terrible, and its outdatedness speaks to the fact that the home was last sold in 1976 (for $135,000). Four decades later, the asking price is a dollar under $3 million.

As for the home’s mysterious builder, a blog post on Burbankia suggests that Lovejoy came from a prominent Georgia family and lived in the house before going bankrupt in 1929. Also, an Olivia Newton-John music video may or may not have been shot in the residence at some point during the 1980s.