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A Groovy Time Capsule With Original 1959 Kitchen

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The two-story in the suburbs wants $679,000.

This blast from the past in Woodland Hills is still living that 1950s suburban dream. The two-story, three-bedroom house has a lovely double-door entrance, travertine floors, a step-down living room, and its original kitchen, complete with aqua tile and matching ovens (yes, two ovens) that are not included in the price, but "are negotiable," says the listing.

The house has three bathrooms that, like the rest of the house, appear to be frozen in time. They feature period tilework and floral wallpaper, but appear to be decently sized, so there’s plenty of space to work with.

The backyard is mostly cement but has a large covered patio and an old-fashioned pool with a diving board sure to bring back memories of cannonballs.

The approximately 1,800-square-foot house sits on an 8,099-square-foot lot and is listed for $679,000.