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New Stairway Gives the Public Access to a Malibu Beach

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It's no longer locals only

Notoriously, owners of oceanfront property in Malibu are don't want to share their beaches. They've put up fake "No Parking" signs, obstructed the path to the ocean, and even hired private security guards.

But Malibu Colony, a tiny, gated community that counts celebrities and the super wealthy among its residents, is apparently friendlier than that. KPCC reports a new access point--in the making for about two decades--to Malibu Colony Beach is now open via a new 30-foot staircase at 24038 Malibu Road.

The creator of an app that has helped people navigate hidden entries into Malibu’s beaches noted years ago that, as far as Malibu goes, Malibu Colony was "one of the friendliest [areas to try to access the beach] ... with almost no mean signs."

But that doesn't mean installing the staircase was a breeze. Joan Cardellino, South Coast regional manager of the California State Coastal Conservancy, told KPCC that, "It took a long time … because there were some lawsuits around opening it, and we had to adjudicate the legal ownership of the property."

Most of California's coast is required to have public access, thanks to a law passed in the 1970s called the California Coastal Conservation Initiative.

Just last year, public access to the eroding Carbon Beach (aka Billionaire’s Beach) was finally secured after a long battle with a homeowner who was blocking the spot where the path was supposed to go. That fight dates back the 1980s, when the homeowner was trying to secure permits to construct a beachfront mansion designed by Getty Center architect Richard Meier.

Cardellino tells KPCC that Malibu Colony Beach is a great place to walk, picnic and soak in the views.

There are a few parking spots at the top of the staircase, otherwise it's street parking. No public restrooms are on-site.

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