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See the Huge Tunneling Machine at Work on the New Crenshaw Line

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Harriet the Tunnel-Boring Machine is well on her way to Leimert Park

In March, the construction team on Metro’s forthcoming Crenshaw/LAX Line lowered a massive tunneling machine into the future site of the Exposition/Crenshaw station. After some assembly and testing, the tunneler—nicknamed Harriet—began boring her way toward the future Martin Luther King Jr. Station in April. By mid-May, she was tunneling beneath the Denny’s on Crenshaw and Coliseum (and tweeting about it).

A new video released by Metro (via its blog The Source) shows a time-lapse of Harriet’s progress so far. According to the video, the intrepid tunneling machine made enough progress within the first month of operation that the entire machine—which is more than the length of a football field—now fits inside the tunnel. Digging at a speed of three inches per minute, Harriet will eventually create two mile-long tunnels that will connect the first three stations on the new line. Construction on the line is expected to be complete by 2019, and Metro hosted a celebration of the project’s halfway point in early May.