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Heat Wave — ‘One for the Record Books’ — to Slam LA

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Brace yourselves ... or hit the beach

Haven’t these chilly mornings and evenings felt nice?

Don’t take the drizzle and gray for granted. That marine layer is expected to dissipate this weekend as a serious heat wave threatening to break high-temperature records lands in Los Angeles.

"There is a very real chance that this heat wave will be one for the record books," says the National Weather Service.

Temperatures will start rising steadily Friday. They'll reach the 90-degree range on Saturday, creep into the mid-90s on Sunday, and peak Monday, when max temperatures in the valley will soar somewhere between 110 and 118 degrees, according the Weather Service.

Meteorologists point out that Monday is also the summer solstice, so there will be "14 hours ... 25 minutes and 34 seconds of sunshine to add to mix."

Will this mark the end of June gloom?

"There’s a chance that we could get a return of the cooler, cloudier weather after the heat wave passes, but it’s too far out to even say," Scott Sukup, a Weather Service meteorologist, told Curbed.

We won’t hold our breaths.

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