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Silver Lake Bungalow With 'Personal Pirate Dungeon' Asking $875K

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Sadly, it seems to be unpermitted—arrrrrrrrr!

The listing for this 1920s Craftsman in Silver Lake starts off pretty straightforward—"on the market for the first time in decades," "shows an incredible amount of pride of ownership," etc.—but things start to get a bit more interesting by the second sentence, which explains that while the 1,450-square-foot bungalow is officially considered a two-bedroom, one-bath, a bonus room has been converted sans permit into a bedroom, "with a bed suspended from the ceiling via chains."

Gathering steam, the listing then goes on to introduce the home's basement, which contains three rooms, one of which is "adorned" with "box logos of high end spirits," being that it's being used "as a personal pirate dungeon and den." Well shiver our timbers! Asking price for the versatile property, which occupies a 7,340-square-foot lot a block north of Sunset, is $875,000.

1635 Maltman Ave [Estately]