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Realtors Flying Drones Through Luxury Homes

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This seems like an accident waiting to happen

Flying a drone inside a house seems like a great way to break a drone, or at least knock over a lamp, but it’s become a trendy selling tactic among Los Angeles area real estate agents lately. Drone footage has been showing up in listing videos for years now, but shots were almost always taken high above the home. Now, as the LA Times reports, agents and video producers are now mastering the tricky art of navigating hovering cameras through interior spaces without crashing into things.

So far, the results have been mixed. Aerial video producer Kanin Howell tells the Times he’s crashed a drone "inside my own house, when I was learning ... luckily it was a rental." Another drone operator, Adrian Zaw, says that drones can "fly all over the place, hit walls, [and] damage stuff." Nonetheless, he’s worked with realtor Tim Durkovic on several indoor shoots, including one that included another hot trend in real estate videos: the use of paid actors. Highlights of Durkovic and Zaw’s efforts can be seen in the video compilation below—with an original score by the realtor, no less. The footage is a bit jerky in places, but it certainly shows off angles of the homes you are otherwise not likely to see.