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See the Mementos of Heartbreak on Display at the New Museum of Broken Relationships

On Saturday, a tribute to failed romance comes to Hollywood Boulevard

On Saturday, Hollywood Boulevard will get a little more sad and a little less sleazy. That's when the Los Angeles location of the Museum of Broken Relationships will open its doors to the public for the first time. Located at the former site of Frederick's of Hollywood, the museum is the sister site of a Croatian institution that opened in 2006. Inside, all sorts of objects are on display—from the quirky to the mundane. Each serves in some way to memorialize a love affair gone sour. From a coffee can to an aging mixtape, the things on display are all given meaning by written testimonials from the jilted lovers who've been holding onto them until now.

Some of these items have been culled from a collection that has toured the world in recent years. Others are locally sourced; the museum has been accepting donations from brokenhearted Angelenos for the past few months. These items are displayed in a minimalist setting, perched atop shelves and within glass cases. They might not be conventional museum fodder, but it's clear they are meant to be treated with respect.

The objects are also spaced out enough so as not to be disorienting. Curator Alexis Hyde tells LA Weekly, "We're asking you to be vulnerable and open to other people's heartbreak and potentially very emotional, so it's nice to have a place that feels safe and not overwhelming." Altogether, it seems like a pretty good spot to while away a weekend afternoon in the midst of the June Gloom.