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Here's the Map for Santa Monica's First-Ever Open Streets Event

The event, called Coast, is this Sunday

Everything's coming up Santa Monica these days. Since the wildly successful opening of the Expo Line extension into downtown Santa Monica, lots of people have been riding and enjoying the new line and some of the pedestrian developments that have already been added to the streets near the rail line's terminus (like that lovely Colorado Esplanade).

But a big celebration in honor of the Expo is still on the horizon: SaMo's first open streets festival. Called Coast, it's scheduled for this Sunday, and will mean that about two miles of street will be closed to car traffic. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and takes over sections of Ocean Avenue and Main Street, as seen on the route map, via Santa Monica Next. The two-mile route is short compared to other rides, but jam-packed with things to do.

As with other open streets events like CicLAvia, Coast would have hubs along the route's path with various activities and performance elements slated to take place throughout the day—a farmers' market, dancing, Zumba—as well as multiple bike repair hubs and water stations. There will be some pedestrian-only zones, too, like the area right next to the brand new downtown Santa Monica Metro rail station, where segments of the street are closed to all but those on foot.