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Take Your First Ride on the New Expo Line to the Beach Right Now

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A new video from Metro offers an inside-the-train trip to Santa Monica

The newly extended Expo Line light rail will start offering rides from Downtown Los Angeles all the way to Santa Monica in less than two weeks, and Metro has just released another exciting promotional video (via The Source) to promote its new light rail to the sea. This one offers a first-person perspective from inside the controller's car as the train passes through each new station. The whole thing is sped up (and set to a vintage-sounding techno track), but the ride looks pretty smooth. The train runs into a couple red lights while approaching the downtown Santa Monica station, but it's an otherwise seamless trip.

Metro will begin offering rides on the Expo Line extension on Friday, May 20, with free rides on that day and the next. Festivals are planned at six of the seven new stations on Saturday. A look at the train line's newly released schedule shows that a trip from Downtown LA to downtown Santa Monica will take between 47 and 50 minutes.