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Ronald Reagan's Cool Midcentury House Remodeled Into $33M Monster

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What was once the sweet GE Showcase House is now another generic mansion


When Ronald Reagan's long-time former home, a sweet midcentury modern in Pacific Palisades originally built in 1956 as the General Electric Showcase House and designed by architect William R. Stephenson, sold above its asking price back in 2013, we never would have guessed it would come back on the market looking like this. According to the new listing, the developers "preserved, then incorporated, items of historic importance in this newly constructed compound."

It seems like a huge stretch to say that this is the same house Reagan called home from 1957 to 1981, when he moved into the White House, but at least the developers saved and drew attention to the most important part of his house: the shower, which now includes a plaque that reminds the bather that it was here where, in 1980, then-Governor Reagan got the news that he was going to be president. Every shower in this will likely be a humbling experience.

If the next owner of this estate were running for president, the shower is probably the least dignified place in the residence to get such a call. The "cashmere-lined" screening room or the powder room "lined in 25,000 peacock feathers" would probably be a more fitting location.

The now-seven-bedroom house includes a high-end kitchen, a garage with a bar in it, an 80-foot veranda, and a salt water pool with an "invisible spa." Last sold for $5.211 million, it's now listed for $33 million.