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Much-Vandalized Cave Where Jim Morrison Might Have Hung Out Closed to Public

Parks officials closed off Corral Canyon Cave after it became overrun with Doors' fans and spray paint

The California State Parks Department is shutting down a cave in Malibu where Jim Morrison is rumored to have written some of his songs (though there doesn't seem to be any evidence to suggest this is in any way true). As the LA Times reports, once word spread about the supposed Morrison connection on social media, the Corral Canyon Cave became a popular destination for graffiti artists and ne'er-do-wells. Vandalism inside the cave got so bad that officials decided to close it off to the public, imposing fines of nearly $400 on trespassers.

Really?!#dumbsigns #likethatwillstopme #jimmorrisoncave

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Upset about missing out on the chance to see the cave up close? Worry not. The Times has created a pretty sweet panoramic photo of the cave, with zooming features that allow you to closely examine every last Doors lyric, tagger's signature, and heart surrounding two letters. And that's not all the Times has to offer. There's also an odd video of park rangers awkwardly wandering around the cave as a local resident expresses his (understandable) concerns about fires that visitors have allegedly been starting in the area.

Actually, it seems that while the Times was at the cave reporting on this story, rangers caught a group of trespassers engaged in some sort of artistic activity. The group of spelunkers, found carrying a "canvas and an easel to paint," was apparently caught off guard by the arrival of park officials and journalists. "A scantily dressed model wrapped in white cloth reached for her pants," the Times reports. And, yes, there is a slideshow of photos documenting all of this. Who knew a small spray painted cave could be so exciting?