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Downtown's Nightmare Cecil Hotel Getting Gutted for Its Boutiquey Makeover

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Almost nothing of the old Cecil will remain

The notorious Cecil Hotel at the edge of the Historic Core is gearing up for a big-time makeover from a New York-based developer that will leave it much hipper than it's been maybe ever, and that makeover is going pretty deep. The president of Simon Baron Development, the firm that's helming the latest redevelopment of the place, tells LAist that this complete makeover will be comprehensive, totally gutting the interior of the famously creepy inn.

Though it may look like the Cecil from the street, "It will be a very different building inside once we're done with it," Baron says.

Very few details on the inside—historic elements—might be spared, but Baron says that what's inside is less architecturally important and more a "hodgepodge" that's built up over the years, and that's not really worth saving.

The complete renovation will result in a new entity that's a mix of apartments (both low-income and market-rate) and hotel space. The hotel's expected to be "comparable to The Ace or The Proper, though it is expected that the rooms will be a bit cheaper," says LAist.

Though the reason for the total wipe of the interior is probably not related to the hotel's sordid history, Baron says that the post-renovation Cecil will be a completely different place as a result of the major alterations. "[F]rom our perspective, it's almost like that building will no longer exist. We're building a brand new building," he says.

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