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Yamashiro's Looming Closure Is Messing With a Bunch of Weddings

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New owners are kicking out the very old restaurant, but the space has already been booked

News that the Hollywood property containing the famed Yamashiro restaurant building had sold to a Beijing-based firm with a reputation for restoring old buildings put many fans of the building at ease back in March. (When the property was on the market, it had been unclear what would happen to it, and whether or not the restaurant would remain a restaurant.) But a substantial recent rent hike from new owners JE Group has restaurant operator Thomas Y. Glover in a bad position that, as of now, means the long-established Yamashiro restaurant is planning to shutter soon.

That's especially terrible news for the couples who'd already booked their weddings at the picturesque hilltop site at the time of the property's sale, says The Hollywood Reporter. "You can imagine when the brides found out we were going to be evicted, they panicked, coming to us in tears and totally distraught," he says.

Glover "claims 15 nuptials are still up in the air as a result of a subsequent court case that was filed between the two parties over terms of Yamashiro’s lease," says THR. " Glover and his wife have offered their personal home in San Marino to anyone who had booked the Yamashiro for a May, June or July wedding, since those dates are fast approaching and booking a new location would likely be a nightmare.

JE Group blames Glover for the scrambling around that wedding parties will have to do, saying they "made every reasonable, legal attempt" to work with Glover so that third-party clients wouldn't be disrupted as Glover's business transitioned out of the space.

Yamashiro Restaurant

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