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Which LA Neighborhoods Are Angriest About Film Shoots?

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Filming is up across Los Angeles, and so are complaints about filming

Filming subsidies that kicked in this past summer have ratcheted up film production in Los Angeles to "record levels" and created filming-related jobs, but more film production isn't so exciting for the neighbors of the homes and spaces that are being filmed, and that means complaints are piling up, reports NBC4.

Using data from Film LA, the nonprofit that hands out permits to film crews and supervises production in LA, NBC4 found that 2,929 filming-related complaints were filed in 2015, most commonly about filming frequency and loss of parking because of it.

Of those complaints, the most came from City Council District 4, which includes Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Koreatown, North Hollywood, and Hancock Park. Altogether, the district was responsible for 482 officially filed gripes. They've got so much filming in Hancock Park (or so much sustained outrage about it) that an area homeowners' association has its own film liaison. The film liaison confirms that when it comes to film shoots, "Some people are very, very angry." She says people in her neighborhood are most angered by the loss of street parking.

District 14 which covers Downtown, Boyle Heights, El Sereno, and Eagle Rock, was a close second with 455 complaints.

District 5, which includes Encino and Westside communities Westwood and Bel Air, had 364 complaints last year. In Encino, one neighborhood has a house that's constantly being used for film shoots, neighbors say. "We recently had three shoots in three weeks!" says a local homeowner, himself a veteran of the entertainment business but who feels like the house is less of a residence and more of "a soundstage for rent."

This NBC4 map shows where the most complaints are flowing in: