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Unbuilt Bel Air Palace Will Be Asking For $100 Million

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The 15,000-square-foot house will come with a glass elevator and multiple pools

Less than a mile away from the over-the-top mansion compound hoping to fetch $500 million when complete, there's a new spec mansion in town. It hasn't been built even a little yet, but once it's done, this Bel Air residence is "expected to fetch a sales price of more than $100 million," according to a release for the project from real estate agency Mercer Vine, whose agents hold the listing exclusively.

Developed by Woodbridge Luxury Homes and designed by South African architecture firm SAOTA, the six-bedroom house, referred to as Skygarden, includes "a 150-foot water feature that appears to flow directly into an infinity pool," a soaring dining room, a glass elevator, a wine cellar, and a spa with hot and cold pools and a sauna. The master suite alone will measure 2,700 square feet—so, the size of a decent-sized house. The property, which includes more than an acre, will also have space for staff housing, a guest house, and a gym.

Construction on the roughly 15,000-square-foot estate is scheduled to start in a few months, a founding partner at Mercer Vine tells the Wall Street Journal. However, before construction starts, the land is available for sale, asking a cool $19.995 million, and they'll throw the plans for the house in too. (Woodbridge paid $14.55 million for the property in February.)