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This 1913 Venice Bungalow Has a Big, Crazy Addition

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There's a modernist box sitting on top of this old home

Venice bungalow with addition All photos by Luke Gibson Photography

Well, this is certainly one way to do a renovation. Venetians may already be familiar with this 1913 bungalow that has carried a striking and completely incongruous modernist addition on its back since 2009. Per the listing, the very eye-catching upper level is "playfully sheathed in a semi-translucent polycarbonate skin — resulting in startling sunsets and diffused light."


The lower level that once served as the entirety of the house looks nice enough, but the seller seems to understand that's not what people are here to see. Almost all of the listing photos are dedicated to that wacky second story, which actually looks surprisingly restrained on the inside. There's an open concept floorplan that incorporates an office, kitchen, and dining area. The decor is minimalist, with exposed plywood throughout, while bookcases are cleverly incorporated into the stairwell. Another advantage of the enormous vertical addition is the rooftop space. And since most neighbors haven't started rushing out to get giant floating boxes of their own, the views seem to be pretty much unobstructed.

The slightly Frankensteined, 1,341-square-foot house is asking $1.549 million.