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Jennifer Lopez Pays $28 million for a Huge Bel Air Compound

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The extravagant estate covers eight acres and includes a manmade swimming pond

Jennifer Lopez has just purchased the huge Bel Air compound that most recently belonged to actress Sela Ward. TMZ reports that the singer, fresh off the final season of American Idol, paid $28 million for the home—down considerably from the $39.995 million asking price. Given that the property stretches across eight acres of prime Bel Air real estate, that could even be considered a bargain.

The 13,000 square-foot main house was originally constructed in 1940 and designed by Samuel Marx—most famous as the architect behind the recognizable May Company Building on Wilshire Boulevard. According to the LA Times, Ward and her husband have done a fair bit of remodeling since then. The result is a lavish estate that blends French country style with a bit of, well, everything. There are koi ponds and a barbecue area with a tiki bar vibe. Inside the house, exposed beams and walls of glass go hand in hand with chandeliers and rustic chic cabinetry.

Other features of this incredible oasis include a manmade swimming pond (with torches on the shore), a mini golf course, and a custom-built amphitheater carved into the lawn. How many of these quirks Lopez will elect to keep is anyone's guess, but they certainly lend the home a unique sense of extravagant charm. In the meantime, the singer is still trying to find a buyer for her 17,000 square-foot mansion in Hidden Hills. Asking price on that home is a mere $12.5 million.