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Take a Look Around the New, Extra-Private Malibu Soho House

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The exclusive club just added another level of exclusivity

While the Soho Warehouse in the Arts District gears up for its makeover into an exclusive club and a mid-2017 opening, the transformation is already complete at Soho House's more recently announced Malibu location.

Taking up residence in the beautiful husk of the defunct Larry Ellison-backed restaurant Nikita, this Soho House—officially, The Little Beach House Malibu—has its soft opening today, The Hollywood Reporter says. ("We’ve had our eye on this property even before Nikita," Soho House founder Nick Jones tells THR. "When the opportunity arose, it was a no-brainer.")

This outpost of the private, members-only club has an extra layer of exclusivity, though: L.A. club members who have already paid for membership that allows them access to all club branches will have to "apply for membership for this particular club by proving the legitimacy of their connection to Malibu." This is the first time Soho House has put a policy like this in place.

The move is supposedly a nod to Malibu's "notorious localism." The application process to get into the Malibu club will offer members the chance to explain why they deserve entrance, whether it's that "you live there, or you have a house there, or you grew up there, or you surf there, or you are a photographer who shoots there ... That was the best course of action to keep it really aligned with what Malibu believes in," the club's membership director explains. Whether or not an applicant's asking for entrance "for the right reasons" will be decided by a shadowy group of members who are "locals."

For the rest of us, here's a peek at the place:

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