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LA Bringing Back Speed Bump Program Across City

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Slow down or be slowed down

Los Angeles is about to get a little bit bumpier. CBS2 reports that the city's "speed hump" program, on hold since its budget was slashed in 2009, will be coming back. The program started in 1994 and saw the installation of 3,700 traffic-calming bumps in over 1,450 locations in its short run.

The recent approval of the city's 2016/2017 budget set aside $540,000 to begin speed hump construction once more. Since that was set aside for the overall program, but not necessarily the employees to actually implement it, officials are now considering using half the cash to pay for employees to make the bumps.

Judging from the over 800 requests for the speed-reducing street improvements made between July 2013 and March 2016, the money's going to go fast.

LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds says it will likely take about six months to restart the program, including hiring the people to install the bumps and ramping up outreach to let people know the program's up and running again. The plan right now is to get the word out about the rebooted program by doing 30 speed bump installations in the next year—two "priority" projects per city council district. (After that first year, projects would get approved based on need.)

Within the next year, for a lucky few, there will be no more yelling "There are CHILDREN playing here, you maniac!!" out the window—just the satisfying thunk of people finding out for themselves that their speed is unacceptable.