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Live Like a Fake Prince in This Beverly Hills Mansion

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At just under $6 million, this house costs a bit more than the seller likely paid for his royal name

Hmm, let's see here. A Colonial-style mansion in Beverly Hills Post Office with a fully stocked living room bar, swanky pool, and Rolls Royce convertible parked in the driveway. Seems like a great party spot for a hedge fund millionaire. But what's with the oil portraits in the bedroom? And is that a grand piano? No, this could only be the house of fake German prince.

Property records show this 7,289 square-foot monstrosity belongs to none other than Oliver Prinz von Anhalt, son of Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt. Of course, Prince Frédéric—best known as the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor—has a fair number of sons. The German businessman and onetime mayoral candidate has legally adopted at least ten adult children, including one Oliver Bendig. Through this process, Prince Frédéric passes on his royal title—at a steep price. "If someone offers you $2 million, you do it," he told CNN in 2007. Ironically, Prince Frédéric is himself the adopted son of Princess Marie Auguste of Anault, which makes the former Oliver Bendig's royal lineage all the more spurious.

The five bedroom palace, of sorts, that Prinz von Anhalt is parting with features plenty of chandeliers and a grand entryway with a large spiraling staircase. There's a huge kitchen with an archipelago of counter spaces and cabinetry. The nearly half-acre lot includes a six car garage and the aforementioned pool. Asking price is $5.995 million, and Prince Oliver will no doubt be hoping some of these features will help the home sell a little faster than that of his adopted parents.