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Arts District Getting Huge 600-Condo Project

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Just next door to the AD's new Grove-style mall

The Arts District is growing. Its coolness quotient is on the rise, lining up tenants like the members-only Soho Warehouse and cultural institutions like the former Santa Monica Museum of Art, but it's also growing in terms of units within its boundaries. A huge, recently proposed project plans to create a large new project near the Fourth Street Bridge, and it "may be the largest residential development proposed in the Arts District thus far," says Urbanize LA.

The site, along Fourth Place between Santa Fe and Mateo and just around the corner from Villains Tavern, would contain 600 live/work condos and about 60,000 square feet of commercial space. The single-story building on the site now will be demolished at some point to make way for the new residential. (The location of the possible mixed-user would put it just next to another shopping opportunity, the classy At Mateo open-air mall.)

The similarly large project at Third and Traction had a lot of trouble with AD residents who objected to the monolithic designs for early versions of the development, but we'll have to wait for renderings to see if this huge condo complex will repeat or learn from those hiccups.