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Inside the First Whole Foods For Millennials, in Silver Lake

Meet the more affordable offspring off the famously unaffordable store

Where there once was a Ralphs in this Silver Lake stripmall, there's now a new kind of Whole Foods market, aimed at Millennials and budget-minded shoppers first. The first 365 by Whole Foods opened today and was met by what looked like a bit of a queue of eager customers waiting to get in.

Whole Foods reps previously laid out how their new, more affordable chain would come together: using smaller spaces and a standardized design, the store is streamlined as a way to keep costs low. (The 365 market measures about 28,000 square feet, which is a little over half the size of an average Whole Foods.)

It's not a wild departure from the intentionally luxurious Whole Foods in Downtown, though differences are certainly apparent. The simpler design shows in the polished concrete floors and limited signage throughout the store. Style-wise, it looks like a Costco and a full-blown Whole Foods had a baby. A press release for the new store notes that a benefit of the uncluttered market is that "customers should be able to see the entire store from where they stand when they walk in."

Fear not: The new 365 market will have fancy features too, including a bar serving up craft beers and cold brew coffee, a self-serve tea kiosk called teaBOT, and a vegan restaurant, but no tattoo parlor (yet). Eater LA has more details on what you'll find inside.