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Take a Look Inside a Hyperloop Pod

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Passengers on the futuristic transportation system could watch virtual scenery go by with "augmented windows"

Ever since the idea for a giant tube that would allow passengers to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in under an hour was first proposed by billionaire cult-hero Elon Musk back in 2013, curious citizens of planet Earth have been wondering what a trip on such a system would actually look like. Well, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies—one of two LA-based companies currently racing to construct a viable Hyperloop system—has revealed a possible answer to that question. A new video released by the company (via The Verge) show off a pretty sleek-looking interior design for the pods that will shoot through Hyperloop tubes at hundreds of miles per hour. Unfortunately, the video has no audio, so the question of what traveling by Hyperloop will sound like will have to be answered at a later date.

The most intriguing feature that HTT is proposing for these pods is a window design that would display interactive video of "passing scenery." Of course, real windows would only look out on a dark tube, so the company has proposed a design that gives riders the experience of watching the world go by, without actually watching anything but a simulated landscape. With the help of German company Re'Flekt, HTT hopes to truly blur the lines between fantasy and reality by equipping the windows with motion capture sensors so that the video adjusts when the riders shift their line of sight. All of this seems a little eerie, but then again, so does traveling in a pod devoid of windows—"augmented" or otherwise.