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Los Angeles will host the Super Bowl in 2021

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Are you ready for some football (in five years)?

2016 has been a great year for football fans in Los Angeles so far. Within the last five months or so, Los Angeles has lured a football team back with the promise of fancy new stadium and now it's definitely going to host Super Bowl LV in 2021, a Tweet from ESPN confirms.

It was predicted that LA would get to host the big game in either 2020 or 2021, two dates that would fall after the new Rams stadium in Inglewood is set to be finished in 2019. (Right now, the place is just a dirt lot.) The huge new mixed-use development rising alongside the stadium isn't going to be finished until 2023, but maybe its luxury hotel will be ready before then? That sure would be convenient for people who can afford Super Bowl tickets.

The Los Angeles area has hosted seven Super Bowls (including the first!), but has been out of the running since the Raiders and Rams left in the Nineties, the LA Times notes. Other cities who were chosen today to host Super Bowls include Atlanta (2019) and Miami (2020).