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Watch: All the Fun Stuff You Can Do on the LA River This Summer

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A few ideas for how to enjoy the river when its rec zones open on Memorial Day

The LA River's recreation zones are opening up once again on Memorial Day, and once they do, there are multitudes of fun things to do along the waterway. But why tell people about all their options when you can show them? A new video out from River LA gives viewers a heron's-eye view of people taking full advantage of all the exciting, outdoorsy stuff to do on LA's favorite concrete ex-flood control channel. Kayaking, capoeira, plein air painting make appearances, but there are scores of other good ideas in here for ways to enjoy the river while the weather's sunny and warm.

The river's two recreation zones—one in Elysian Valley, one in the Sepulveda Basin—open on May 30 and stay open until at least late September. Information on how to access the river in both zones can be found here.