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Lots of Angelenos Leaving LA for Las Vegas and Phoenix

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Who wouldn't be lured by a $260k median home?

Los Angeles's high cost of living is putting the pressure on some Angelenos to start looking for greener (or desert-ier) pastures. New findings out from show that Angelenos who flee LA most often leave for places with lower costs of living—namely Las Vegas, where the median home costs just $260,000. Phoenix and Dallas are also hot spots for Angelenos on the run.

With Los Angeles rents rising and homeownership out of reach for more and more LA residents, it's not surprising that any place with a more manageable cost of living would seem appealing. But San Francisco also pops up on the list, so lower housing costs are not the sole factor motivating migrants.

Overall, found that LA was fifth among cities losing the most residents, after New York, Chicago, Detroit, and San Jose.

To arrive at its conclusions, looked at the most common long-distance migration routes for the 50 largest metro areas and considered data from the US Census Bureau on migration (2009 to 2013), moving requests on, and "Cross-metro search traffic" on its own website.

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