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Crazy Industrial Farmhouse in Malibu Asks $2.2 Million

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Constructed in 2008, this strange home is a jumble of architectural styles

Well, here's an intriguing item. As the listing explains, this "artistically designed rustic farmhouse" in Malibu has an "industrial loft-style feel." You know, a farmhouse loft. The 2,476 square-foot home has such an industrial aesthetic that from the front, it hardly looks like a home at all—warehouse, factory, or brewery all seem like better guesses. Yet, on the inside, there are some unmistakably domestic features: a pair of bedrooms, for instance, and three full baths.

There's also a 19-foot high ceiling in the main room, with exposed ducts and iron staircases leading to loft areas above. One of these spaces appears to have been turned into something of a man cave, complete with pool table, American flag pillow, and an enormous "Hot Dogs" sign that hangs down over the living room below. Property records show this parcel of nearly six acres was purchased back in 2006 for $256,500. The home was constructed in 2008, and it seems fair to assume it was a labor of love.

It may be hard to find the right buyer for such a unique residence. The home is filled with incongruous styles and downright puzzling design choices (there seems to be a TV partially blocking the closets in one of the bedrooms). Still, in a housing market saturated with blandly luxurious cookie-cutter mansions, it's somewhat refreshing to see something so (disastrously) outside-the-box.