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Coco Crisp Selling Absolutely Bonkers Mansion in Rancho Mirage

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The A's outfielder's five-acre estate comes with indoor trees, a lagoon with waterfall, and a Wiffle ball field

As an athlete, Coco Crisp has won two titles, both a World Series ring and the unofficial title of best name in baseball (sorry Milton Bradley). As a homeowner, Coco Crisp has a jampacked Mediterranean-style mansion in Rancho Mirage that is completely bananas. The 17,870-square-foot home he bought for $7 million in 2013 came with a laundry list of over the top features: in addition to seven bedrooms and nine baths, the house also boasts a private screening room, wine cellar with built-in tasting room, stone fireplaces, gym, saltwater aquarium, and two palm trees growing right in the master bathroom. And that's just the interior. Outside, there's the pool, grotto, lagoon with waterfall, several bars, barbecue pit, and gazebo amongst other things.

But Coco Crisp had to add his own twist to the property by constructing a few features that could keep him in shape during the offseason. There's the standard batting cage, of course, but even cooler, he built his own miniature Wiffle ball field right in the backyard. This isn't your standard, dusty old sandlot either. This Wiffle ball field comes complete with electronic scoreboard and padded outfield walls.

Seems too fun to ever leave, but all good things come to an end, and, according to the LA Times, Crisp has just listed the property for $9.995 million. No word on whether that price includes those cool baseball sheets in his son's bedroom.

The home's listing sells it to potential buyers as "your own private 5-star resort," and the amenities certainly live up to that description. But without resort guests racking up room service bills, paying for the upkeep on this thing will be pricey. The private lake, large pool, and grass are not exactly drought-friendly, so it's gonna cost a bundle to keep the water flowing at this place. Perhaps the next owner can really play up the baseball motif, replace everything with turf, and slap a retractable roof on top.