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Watch a Skateboarder Bomb Down One of the Steepest Streets in the US

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Don "The Nuge" Nguyen takes on LA's Baxter Street hill and its monster 32 percent grade


Fuse the name Nuge into your memory banks, for he is a true hero who has accomplished an impossible feat. No, not the gun-toting, flag-waving, "Cat Scratch Fever"-singing racist Nuge from Detroit. We hereby strip the hunting rocker of his nickname, for another, much worthier Nuge has taken over the mantle. Why all this acclaim for Don "The Nuge" Nguyen? Simple. Nuge has tamed the beast. Nuge has stood up to death itself, and shredded in its face. Nuge has successfully skateboarded down the famed Baxter Street hill on the Silver Lake/Echo Park border, and lived to tell the tale.

This is an act of sheer lunacy for a number of reasons.

  1. Baxter Street is the third steepest hill in Los Angeles, and fifth steepest in the country, so steep that buses have become seesaws when they were unable to clear the top of the hill's massive 32 percent grade.
  2. The condition of LA's streets is horrific enough on flat roads, let alone 130-year-old hills in residential neighborhoods.
  3. It's been illegal for skateboarders to "bomb" steep LA streets since 2012, meaning this whole operation is a crime punishable by $250 fine! For shame, Nuge. For shame.

But according to his friends, you should "never challenge Nuge to anything," because he'll do it, no matter how dumb or deadly. A quick 30 for 30 style intro sums up how this daring feat ("It's Guinness Book shit") came to be. Fellow skaters Neckface, Beagle, and even Doughnut take turns recounting the tale of Nuge bombing the Baxter Street hill.

Quick warning to readers: the rate at which these skateboarders casually swear is very frequent. So maybe turn down the sound if watching at work. Or skip to the 2:21 mark to avoid the filthy preamble.

Baxter Street hill

Lake Shore Ave & Baxter St, Los Angeles, CA 90039, USA