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Video: Why It's So Hard to Get to the Hollywood Sign

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The Millennial Project attempts to access the sign, but neighbors have created a lot of obstacles

The battle being fought by a handful of Beachwood Canyon residents to keep tourists and hikers out of their neighborhood, and away from its prime Hollywood Sign access and views, has been well-documented. The installation of a gate shut down the Hollyridge trailhead at the top of Beachwood for months—it was supposed to be closed for just five weeks—while the city moved to put a permit parking district in place (as the permit parking was delayed, the gate closure stretched on).

Now that the gate's up and the trail is open and some time has passed, a new video from The Millennial Project takes a look at what it's like to try and get up to the Hollywood Sign these days, beginning with the now-famously inaccurate Google Maps directions, changed at the urging of the city to divert people away from the actual sign (the host ends up in the Griffith Observatory parking lot), and including a hike up Mt. Lee, which hosts the sign.

The video is the first in what appears to be a multi-video series focused on the Hollywood Sign and "inequality." (TMP is at its heart a political webseries, aimed at exploring the "unique political voice" of the people of the 25-year-old host's generation.)

This installment comes at the issue as one of wealthy residents using all their influence to sway local government, but in the next will be speaking with Beachwood residents. Host Andrew Davis says he's not so sure these residents won't convince viewers they're just "dedicated local activists trying to save their neighborhood."