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10 Renovated Homes For Sale in Los Angeles

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We're kicking off Renovation Week with a look at some recently updated places around the city


The art of renovation is all about finding balance between the key historical elements of a structure and its unrealized potential. It's a tough tightrope to walk, but when it's done successfully the results can be extraordinary. On that optimistic note, let's kick off Curbed's Renovation Week by taking a look at some of the finest renovated houses now on the market in Los Angeles.

Location: Glendale

Price: $699,000

This 1,792-square-foot house, originally built in 1923, has undergone a remodel that preserves many of the its best historical elements. The kitchen and master bathroom have been thoroughly updated, but the bones of the original design, including an impressive Batchelder tile fireplace, are still visible. The three-bedroom house last sold in August, and is sporting a freshly painted exterior since then. (Photos by Pierre Galant Photography)

Location: Sherman Oaks

Price: $1.175 million

This unassuming three-bedroom house in the Liberty Square neighborhood of Sherman Oaks last sold in 2015 for $497,000. The price seems to have gone up a bit since then. Looking at an exterior photograph of the older house, it's clear the lawn and driveway have been redone, as well as the front entrance and roof. On the interior, an open floorplan leads into a state-of-the-art kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The bathrooms and bedrooms also appear to have gotten an update since the 2,201-square-foot house was constructed in 1946. According to the listing, the electric wiring, plumbing, and water heater are new as well.

Location: Woodland Hills

Price: $769,000

This midcentury house, constructed in 1959, measures in at 1,855 square feet, but according to the listing, "the house room layout creates an effect of living on 3000 squared feet." Not bad, eh? An artificial lawn helps to offset the less drought-friendly pool installed as part of the recent renovation. Speaking of which, there are times when a renovation goes too far, or not far enough. It's hard to tell which is the case here; old listing photos show the house was badly in need of an update, but gold doors? We're also not quite sure what happened with the master bedroom, which currently looks a bit like a hastily made-up Vegas hotel room.

Location: Beachwood Canyon

Price: $1.099 million

Wisely, the renovators of this three-bedroom house constructed in 1920 have maintained the charming Old Hollywood exterior. Beautiful hardwood floors and French doors await inside the 1,799-square-foot house, along with a kitchen updated with new appliances and granite countertops. The highlight of the home, though, is a tranquil-looking back area with Saltillo tiles and terraced gardens and sitting areas built into the hillside.

Location: Eagle Rock

Price: $848,300

Just about everything in this 1,820-square-foot, four-bedroom house appears to have been pretty thoroughly redone since it was last sold in 2011. It's sporting a cool new exterior paint job and a particularly ugly kitchen and living room are no longer. Per the listing, the bathrooms and bedrooms have also been updated, and a pleasant back deck has been installed amid surrounding trees and vegetation.

Location: Echo Park

Price: $499,900

A textbook flip, this tiny, 552-square-foot house was last purchased just over four months ago for $252,000. Now it's back on the market for just about twice that price with some serious remodeling. The exterior of the house has been repainted and the cinderblock fence in front has been given some added curb appeal. Meanwhile, the interior appears to have been completely redone, with upgraded appliances and cabinetry. There's even a deck out back "where you can contemplate a beautiful Sun Down," per the listing.

Location: West LA

Price: $1.424 million

Strategic renovation and some bold interior design has given this 1,795-square-foot, three-bedroom house a totally new look from when it last sold in 2014. Some of the changes are subtle: the exterior color has changed from white to beige and the front lawn has been replaced with a more drought-friendly gravel garden. Some changes are more pronounced, like the completely redone kitchen. The listing also boasts of a new "El Nino proof" roof. Additionally, there's an incongruous black and white painting covering the wall of the dining area that we're guessing future owners may want to renovate away.

Location: Hollywood

Price: $529,000

A fresh paint job and new lighting fixtures have helped make this cozy studio apartment in the Lofts at Hollywood and Vine look a little more like home. The wall-sized mirror makes the 700 square feet seem a bit roomier, and a long community table that can double as a workspace helps to make the small apartment feel quite welcoming.

Location: Sherman Oaks

Price: $2.55 million

Here's a simple flip that could pay off for the sellers to the tune of nearly a million bucks. Last sold in late 2015 for $1.5 million, this imposing midcentury house, originally built in 1963, has a new paint job and is now asking $2.55 million. A new color isn't the only difference, of course; there's also a remodeled kitchen, upgraded light fixtures, and a redesigned pool deck. The changes help to offset some of the more dated elements of the five-bedroom, 3,526-square-foot home.

Location: Burbank

Price: $798,888

Last sold in December for $595,000, this three-bedroom house built in 1928 is now sporting an elegant new exterior look. The awnings and overhangs of the house's previous design have been removed, giving the interior a more light and airy feel. Hardwood flooring has been installed throughout, along with upgraded kitchen appliances, and a shower that looks both luxurious and slightly intimidating. Those eager to do a little renovating themselves need not worry. There's still work to be done here—the backyard and basement look to be blank canvases for buyers up to the challenge.