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Mapping Everything to Do Around the New Santa Monica Expo Line Stations

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Cool maps show all the fun within a five-minute, multi-modal radius of SaMo's stations

Expo Line extension train testing in Santa Monica. The Source

The Expo Line extension to Santa Monica opens tomorrow (!!!), and, in anticipation, the city of Santa Monica has launched a full-on push to let people know about all the great non-car options available to them, and how to use those options to explore the areas around the three new Expo Line stations coming to Santa Monica. (The Expo will have seven new stations in all between Culver City and SaMo.)

As part of the new campaign, GoSaMo, the city's set up a website with tons of resources to help riders take full advantage of the bounty of transport at their disposal, including three maps each showcasing over a dozen things to eat, see, and do within a five-minute walk, bike ride, or bus trip of Santa Monica's new Expo stations. With the Breeze Bike Share up and running in the city, train passengers won't even have to worry about bringing their own.