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Watch Sheila Kuehl Having a Blast on the Expo Line Extension

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A new video from the Third District representative shows off all the bonuses of public transit with fun animation

Plenty of people are excited for the historic opening of Metro's Expo Line extension that will connect downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean by rail for the first time in more than a half-century. It's an enthusiasm that Metro has been skillfully fostering with a series of very exciting, frequently techno-scored preview videos. Of course, there's still a few skeptics out there—grumbling about the shortage of parking at the new stations, or the lack of signal priority for the trains. Enter County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl. We defy any transit scrooges to watch the new video released by Kuehl Wednesday and not want to take just a quick ride on the new line—or stop by one of the station parties being held Friday and Saturday.

Kuehl, who represents the Third District that the new miles of track pass through, demonstrates all the advantages of public transit with the help of animated surf boards (which can be brought on board the Expo Line), service animals (also allowed), and cars (stuck in traffic, of course). She seems to be having so much fun that it doesn't seem weird—or foreboding—that she's the only rider on this wonderful train.

The Expo Line may not end up being quite as fantastic as it's made out to be in this video, but if it's even half as convenient and efficient, Metro won't have to worry much about attracting new riders.