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Tom Cruise Sells His Beverly Hills Estate for $40 Million

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The large stone mansion sits on more than an acre and only cost Cruise $30.5 million

Not long after selling his Laurel Canyon villa last fall, superstar and super Scientologist Tom Cruise has once again offloaded another major Los Angeles property: his large, stone mansion on more than an acre of land in Beverly Hills. He's trying to sell a $59-million compound in Telluride too. What gives with the divesting? Who knows with Cruise.

Whatever his reason for selling, the actor came out way on top in the Beverly Hills sale. TMZ says that Cruise sold for $40 million—less than the original rumored asking price of either $45 or $50 million, but still a big return on the $30.5 million he paid when he and then-wife Katie Holmes bought the place in 2007. The buyer is reportedly private equity firm owner and billionaire Leon Black.

Cruise's one-time home sits on a 1.21-acre flag lot off Coldwater Canyon Drive. The house was built in 1937 and has multiple wings and a gray stone exterior that Variety once described as "dour." The living space measures about 10,000 square feet and holds seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The grounds include a tennis court, a swimming pool, a fountain the size of a swimming pool, a couple guesthouses, and a playground for the kids.

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