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Beyoncé and Jay Z Lose Out on Buying Their First LA Home ... Again!

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The most powerful couple in music were outbid on a fancy mansion yet again

Can Beyoncé and Jay Z buy their first house in Los Angeles already? After more than a year in town, extended stays in plush hotels, and some time spent in a pair of Holmby Hills rental mansions, Jay and Bey still can't seem to pull the trigger on an LA starter home. In 2014, they almost put in the winning bid for an $85-million, 23,000-square-foot, highly ridiculous megamansion, complete with candy room for Blue Ivy, but had it scooped out from under them by Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft. (He's made good use of it.)

Despite the setback, the two Tidal executives remained devoted to a life in sunny LA. This year, they had their eyes on a 1934 Beverly Hills mansion near the Sunset Strip that once housed actor William Powell, James Bond producer Albert Broccoli, and maximalist designer Kelly Wearstler (at different times). The eight-bedroom, 10-bathroom house on fancy Hillcrest Drive is not quite as outlandish as the place they lost in 2014, but what it lacks in decorative weaponry and rooms devoted to M&M dispensers, it more than makes up for with its Hollywood Regency design and ownership pedigree. Bey and Jay were sold, and they put in a $49 million bid.

Unfortunately the news is a familiar tale for the couple, as TMZ reports that fashion designer and sometimes director Tom Ford played the spoiler, with a bid for $50 million. Watch out, Tom. We've all seen what Beyoncé does to the men who cross her.

How is it that the woman who can singlehandedly bring the music world to its knees and snarl the freeway near the Rose Bowl to a standstill can't put in the winning bid on a house? Perhaps the time is now for some government intervention or maybe even a pro-Beyoncé development ballot initiative (Proposition Bey) this November. If LA doesn't step up and start making some concessions to keep Beyoncé local, we might lose her!

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