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LA Trying to Update the Controversial Plan For Hollywood Again

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The plan hasn't been updated in decades, and the last attempt was scuttled by a lawsuit

The last time Los Angeles tried to update the Hollywood Community Plan, the planning guidelines that would have steered development and growth in the neighborhood for the next few decades, the new document was approved in 2012, then rescinded in 2013 after a nasty lawsuit mounted by NIMBYs opposing development in Hollywood for reasons ranging from traffic congestion to doomsday scenarios.

The HCP and the lawsuits that resulted from it were causing problems in the Hollywood area as recently as 2014, when an injunction stemming from a lawsuit caused a brief but total stoppage on all permits from the LA Department of Building and Safety that needed review by an engineer.

Is the second time the charm for the HCP? We're about to find out. A release from the office of City Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell says that the Department of City Planning is gearing up to update the plan once again, starting with a public scoping meeting tonight.

The scoping meeting is the first step in preparing a new environmental impact report, which LA was instructed to do (again) by the courts in 2013, after the previously approved plan was revoked.

"I encourage my constituents to participate in the public process, weigh in, and provide input that is important to them," O’Farrell says in a statement, adding that "The Hollywood Community Plan is the oldest community plan in the City and has outlived its purpose." The HCP was last updated in 1988, well before the opening of the Red Line subway through the neighborhood in the late 1990s.