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Is Silver Lake Getting a Fancy Artsy Movie Theater?

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A film distributor/real estate honcho is planning an art house cinema in the 'hood

The real estate mogul behind the Pacific Design Center does more than just real estate; he's also media bigwig, founder of Cohen Media Group, a distributor for arty films. Now, in a move that would fuse the two, it appears Charles Cohen making a move to open "a planned series of domestic high-end boutique cinemas," and, he tells The Hollywood Reporter, he's planning on bringing one to Silver Lake.

The details are thin about where exactly in Silver Lake this cool new high-brow cinema would be in the neighborhood. Cohen's in the midst of renovations on a theater in New York City's Greenwich Village, and he's bought property in West Palm Beach, Florida, for another theater, but Silver Lake seems like the location that's the least far along, with Cohen still in the looking-for-property stage of the plan.

It's not clear from the interview whether Cohen is looking at lots where a theater could be built or existing buildings that could be made into a theater. What spots in Silver Lake would be prime locations for an art house movie theater?