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Lovely Midcentury Mod By Gregory Ain Looks Like a Fancy Rehab Now

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The Feldman House is more than four times bigger than before

This house was originally designed in 1953 by midcentury modern architect Gregory Ain for his psychiatrist, Fred Feldman. In 2013, it went on the market for the first time, ultimately selling in 2014 for $3 million.

What sits on the Beverly Crest lot now has been "Expanded from the original," roughly 2,600-square-foot residence, the listing explains. The new house measures 11,300 square feet and looks like a rehab for rich kids. Sited on about three-quarters of an acre of tree-filled land, the property also has an infinity pool, a home theater, multiple courtyards and patios, and a couple of fireplaces.

The master suite in the seven-bedroom house is the showpiece, as it should be, with a three-sided, floating fireplace, and, in the bathroom, two large showers that open onto a private courtyard and a deep tub with a "waterfall feature."

Last sold for $3 million, it's now listed for $16.9 million.