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Revealed: Big Plans to Redevelop the Burbank Ikea Site

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Apartments and a big plaza are just the start for Burbank Town Center

A new Burbank location for Ikea is now under construction, and when it's finished next spring, the Swedish retailer will move into the biggest Ikea in the US and leave behind its old space in the Burbank Town Center. What will become of that store and the shopping center that surrounds it is the focus of a huge new redevelopment project from Crown Realty & Development and Texas-based CAPREF Manager, LLC, according to a release from the joint venture.

Developers have launched a campaign for the redevelopment called I Heart Burbank to support the dramatic changes they're proposing for the center. Their overhauled property would have an open-air plaza, 40,000 square feet for "fresh retail tenants," and open space for things like a farmers' market. The mall will get upgrades to its interior and exterior, and add outdoor dining options at its entrance on Magnolia Boulevard.

The project would also add a significant residential component to the retail hub—"765 multi-family units at 600 N. San Fernando Blvd. on the former IKEA site and 70 for-sale units at 800 N. San Fernando Blvd."

The housing was added as a way to help address the housing crisis in Burbank, which the city's mayor has blamed for rising costs (it's the same all over). City data showed that no new housing has been permitted or built in the area around the shopping center in the last 15 years.

The developers still have to get approvals for these updates from the city of Burbank; a rep for the developers tells the LA Times that they expect to submit the paperwork in the "upcoming weeks."

Burbank Town Center

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