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Here is the New Design For Hated Pershing Square

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Agence Ter and team will flatten out Pershing Square and shade it with a light-up canopy

The Paris-based firm Agence Ter has beaten out three other finalists, winning the competition to redesign Downtown Los Angeles's widely loathed Pershing Square. At a press conference announcing the winner Thursday morning, Councilmember Jose Huizar (who reps the area) noted that their proposal was favored by the public's votes, as well as by the official selection jury for the contest.

Agence Ter's design will take the multiple levels of the park and flatten them out to create a "continuous surface." The newly flat space will have a variety of themed gardens (Sun Garden, Wind Garden, Edible Garden, Moonlight Garden) and a main lawn that will be used for public events like summer film screenings.

The French team's design also featured a "smart canopy" covered in solar panels, which will extend from Fifth Street to Sixth Street along Hill Street, creating a shaded area during the day and, at night, lighting up in an array of colors.

Speaking at the press conference, Agence Ter's Henri Bava says that his team's design takes into account the community surrounding the park, flattening it out so that no matter where one stands, the park "invites people in." Bava adds that the new park is an attempt to "reconcile nature and city, creating an attractive hybrid between plaza and park."

A timetable for when the project will break ground is still in the works. Huizar says that in the next few weeks there will be more details on the renovation project, especially with regards to funding. In the meantime, here's a video overview of Agence Ter's plans for remaking Pershing Square:

Pershing Square

532 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA