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Minnie Driver and Her Hollywood Hills Neighbor Are in a Bitter War

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In this property battle, it seems like maybe everyone involved is guilty of something

Actress Minnie Driver and her neighbor are locked in a bitter battle that makes everyone involved look pretty bad. The owner of a house next to Driver's Hollywood Hills pad are a 74-year-old man named Daniel Perelmutter and his wife Mary Lou, and they claim in a recently filed lawsuit that Driver has harassed them, blocked access to their property, and impeded construction on a house that they're building on their land.

ABC News says Perelmutter alleges that the actress put up an electric gate that impacted construction, and then later began to use her car as an obstacle to prevent crews of workers from getting on to the construction site.

Perelmutter also says that Driver hurled "baby food jars filled with black paint against the walls of the home."

In an altercation between the two a little over a week ago, a screaming match got so loud that other neighbors called the police to intervene in the "domestic disturbance" that took place outside their homes.

But before you totally side with this elderly gentleman against Driver, consider that other neighbors have had issues with Perelmutter too. A neighbor of both parties says that he’s not so sure of the latter's victim status. "I would have to say that I’m on Minnie’s camp on this one here only because he’s been a constant nuisance to everybody," he tells CBS2 News.

Driver filed a temporary restraining order against Perelmutter last fall, saying that in addition to him telling her to ""f— off and die" on multiple occasions, he also "jumped out in front of her car twice and she had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him." (UPDATE 5/12: Driver received the temporary restraining order, but did not show up at a later hearing to have it made permanent.)

If this sounds protracted and awful, it is, and it’s been going on for much longer than the last year. Driver is already engaged in a suit against Perelmutter about where the property lines of their homes are drawn. He is countersuing for access to what he says is part of his property.