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Los Angeles Mail-In Voters Finally Get 'I Voted' Stickers

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County officials hope those coveted stickers encourage participation this year

Angelenos who choose to vote by mail may lose out on some of the election day excitement that comes with standing in long lines at high school gyms and community centers, but they gain much more in convenience. Instead of trying to schedule a hard-to-estimate block of ballot-casting time into their daily schedules, these clever voters can select candidates at their leisure—and in the comfort of home. The only obvious drawback (aside from the possibility your ballot won't actually be counted)? No freakin' sticker. For quite some time that distinctive, often self-righteously-worn "I Voted" sticker has been the exclusive reward for voters who braved the crowds at polling stations and cast their ballots in person. But no more! In a statement released Wednesday, County Clerk Dean Logan announced that 1.6 million LA County residents will be receiving "I Voted" stickers along with their mail-in ballots this year.

The snazzy-looking stickers come with instructions to "peel and wear proudly." The words "I voted" are also translated into several different languages, with the text of each translation neatly circling the sticker. It seems that county officials are hoping the stickers will encourage higher voter participation come June 7. "When people share the value and importance of voting with those in their personal and professional network, the likelihood their peers will vote goes up," Logan says. "The 'I Voted' sticker serves as a symbolic statement that voting is a part of community."

Already, people who have received their mail-in ballots are showing off their jealousy-inducing new stickers on social media. Of course, since these stickers come with the blank ballots, it's quite easy to obtain one without actually having voted at all. Moving forward, the county will certainly want to consider the potential for "I Voted" fraud in this new system.

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