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Adorable Disneyland Ducks Are Always Under Siege

Danger lurks for the waterfowl that wander the grounds of the theme park

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Spring has sprung and the artificial rivers and streets of Disneyland are filled with ducklings first getting acquainted with this strange and wondrous world. The Disneyland ducks are a well-known enough feature of the park to warrant their own Instagram account, and many visitors relish the opportunity to feed the birds and observe them in their "natural" habitat. Still, as the Orange County Register reports, the Happiest Place on Earth can sometimes be a harsh environment for waterfowl.

In a dramatic showdown Tuesday, a night heron bombarded a group of ducklings that were chowing down on popcorn in Frontierland. After grabbing one of the baby ducks, it was pursued by a group of angry parents who forced the heron to release the duckling.

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But herons aren't the only threats to the Disney ducks. Feral cats are known to roam the grounds at night, picking off unsuspecting birds after guests have gone home for the evening. There's also the threat of crowds, which often gather around the ducks in delight, but also have the potential to trample the small creatures. This helps to explain why Disney staff can often be seen trying to wrangle ducks off of congested walkways. It's also not clear yet how the ducks will be affected by the construction taking place on large parts of their habitat.

With all the delicious food to be scavenged, Disneyland ducks probably have it pretty good overall. Clearly though, the Rivers of America residents must still be careful not to let their guard down.

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