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Watts Tap Water is Flowing Murky and Brown

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The LADWP says there's too much sediment

The LA Department of Water and Power is going to be looking into "why murky brown water has been intermittently flowing from taps in and around Watts in recent months," after complaints from both residents and a plea for action from a City Councilmember, reports KPCC.

For its part, the LADWP says that the water is safe. A rep told residents at a City Council meeting that pipes in the area did seem "to have a lot of sediment," so the agency will be doing some "aggressive flushing" to clean the dregs out and clear up the water. (Too much sediment and they might end up with gross black water like Gardena.)

The flushing should take about two weeks, during which time there won't be any interruptions in water service to the community.

Leading up to the flushing, a local activist with the Watts Labor Community Action Committee has been collecting bottles of water that are murky enough to concern residents about its cleanliness. "We're calling out for attention to our environmental concerns," he says.

Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson says that four schools in Watts were so worried about the water that they've shut down drinking fountains, giving kids bottled water instead.

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