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New Documentary Takes a Look at Southwest Museum Founder Charles Lummis

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Lummis played a big role in the formation of LA's early creative culture

A new season of KCET's show Artbound is premiering tonight on the station with a documentary on Charles Fletcher Lummis, who was a writer and editor for the Los Angeles Times, a poet, an activist, a collector, an avid walker, and the founder of LA's first museum, the Southwest Museum in Mt. Washington.

The approximately hour-long documentary, Charles Lummis: Reimagining the American West, takes a deep dive into Lummis's past, following his journey from childhood on the East Coast to his decision to walk to Los Angeles from Ohio to his life in LA centered around his now landmarked Highland Park home, El Alisal.

The rest of the Artbound season will continue the trend of focusing on "the evolution of the creative culture of the Southland. A list of upcoming episodes in the series can be seen here.