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See the Redesign Plan That Would Flatten and Shade Pershing Square

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A fancy smart canopy highlights this video presentation from French firm Agence TER

On Thursday, the four finalists in a challenge to redesign Pershing Square revealed final presentations on how they'd makeover LA's most unsatisfying park space. Given that the presentations are all highly detailed and come with some pretty sleek-looking videos, we're going to take a look at each individually.

"The Globetrotters"

This design was submitted by the Paris-based firm Agence TER. It starts by doing away with the confusing, multi-level layout that characterizes Pershing Square's current look, creating a street-level "continuous surface" that invites pedestrians to pass through. Like the other three redesign proposals, this one would bring plenty of badly needed green space to Downtown LA. Gardens, trees, and "water elements" are dispersed throughout the park in this proposal.

The main attraction, though, is a slick "smart canopy" that would run the length of the eastern side of the square. Adorned with electricity-generating solar panels, the canpoy--in conjunction with strategically positioned trees--would ensure that the park offers plenty of shade throughout the day. At night, the canopy lights up, helping to turn Pershing Square into an evening destination--full of conversations about presents, different wine glass shapes, and nothing, as the video presentation suggests.

Other cool features of this design include a playground, farmers market, and an outdoor library. There's also a proposed system for collecting and storing rainwater in the underground parking garage. The recycled water would then be used for irrigation, helping to make this green space a little more drought-friendly.

Pershing Square

532 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA