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Vin Scully Will Have An Echo Park Street Named After Him

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The street leading to Dodger Stadium will be renamed—what else?—Vin Scully Avenue

It's the last season that Dodgers play-by-play announcer Vin Scully will be calling games at the Elysian Park stadium, but he's leaving a visible mark on the neighborhood: Elysian Park Avenue will be renamed Vin Scully Avenue, the City Council voted today. The council had previously voted unanimously to change the name, but today's vote sealed the deal and made it official, says KPCC.

The change was contested by some locals, who objected not to honoring the sportscaster, but to a lack of outreach about making the name change. "Not a single community group has been contacted. The councilmember should be ashamed, ashamed at using the legacy of Vin Scully to blot out Elysian Park," a former neighborhood council president for the area says. Scully has been with the Dodgers since 1950, when they were in Brooklyn. This season will be his 67th with the team. (We previously mapped a few notable Scully landmarks around LA.)

Vin Scully Avenue will stretch from along the former Elysian Park Avenue, from Sunset Boulevard to Stadium Way and the Sunset Gate into the venue. The name change won't be the first for Elysian Park Avenue, which was previously called Chavez Ravine Road, after the community that was bulldozed to make way for Dodger Stadium. (There is also a physical canyon called Chavez Ravine nearby.)