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First Look at Hollywood's New Cinerama-Adajcent Hotel

The boxy, seven-story inn will bring a restaurant to the block

It's been a little over a month since we heard about a new hotel headed for Hollywood, so it's about time for another one, right? Right! Here to pile on to the ever-growing list of proposed hotels in the neighborhood is a seven-story, Cinerama-adjacent inn that's hoping to rise on DeLongpre Avenue between Ivar Avenue and Cahuenga Boulevard.

Environmental documents filed with the Department of City Planning offers an overview of the 175-room hotel, which will also include about 600 square feet of retail and a roughly 5,000-square-foot restaurant space; there will be two floors of parking for all this hidden underneath the new hotel. Renderings by Steinberg Architects show a boxy little number and tease the presence of the rooftop pool and lounge area (of course there's going to be a rooftop pool). Though the official applicant is 1400 Cahuenga Hotel LLC, the name attached to that entity is Richard Heyman of Five Chairs, a local developer.

With the neighborhood's hotel prospecting blossoming, it's no surprise that about a block from this possible hotel there's another one in the works: The long-time Jack-in-the-Box site on Ivar and Sunset Boulevard is slated to see a 19-story hotel rise.

Just east on DeLongpre, there's was the possibility that some hotel rooms could be included along with residential units in a tower in the new Academy Square project from Kilroy Realty, but a new draft EIR seems to suggest that the project's going straight residential. That's ok—there are definitely enough options on the way in Hollywood.