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This Baldwin Hills Post and Beam Has a Built-In Fish Tank and '80s Flair

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Buyers, please don't harm the teal carpet

From the outside, this 1958 house in Baldwin Hills looks like it could be a full-on time capsule. It is, but not one from the 1950s. That teal carpet, the matching blue-green upholstery on the sofa, those fantastic chairs that look like a Barbie dress in furniture form, and the built-in aquarium are a whole different kind of cool—the '80s kind. The best kind.

Not into vibrant carpet and exciting style? For the squares, there's still a lot of good here: the high ceilings and exposed beams this house offers, the eating area with a bar, the pebble-floored patio, and the expansive views that are to be expected from houses in this neighborhood. The house last sold in 1993 for $455,000, according to public records; now it's asking $1.3 million.